Though I'm not Irish myself, I love everything Irish, including the wonderful Irish accent. I am an undergraduate linguistics student at McGill University, and I'm looking for participants for a study on Irish English (Hiberno-English). You can see the survey here. It only takes a few minutes to fill out and you can have fun laughing at my bad poetry! The only requirement is that you grew up in (or are growing up) in Ireland. Thanks for your help!

~Corinna Schmidt
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irish music

hey guys! a really good friend of mine is moving to ireland for medical school [:'(] and i was making her a playlist/scrapbook dealio but i just realized that she may enjoy some irish/gaelic songs. do you guys have any suggestions/recommendations? i would really appreciate it if you could upload the song as well :)
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international student; university of limerick

Hey, guys! I'm traveling from Ontario Canada to Limerick for university (University of Limerick to be exact lol) in September and had a few questions.

Are there many international students? And do you know which are the best dorms/res/villages to live in on campus, for first year? I'm looking for quiet areas. Not a lot of noise, since I am going into med school. Are the dorm rooms furnished? Are there single rooms, doubles, etc? If doubles, how do the students get paired up? (Over here in Canada, they usually pair up students with the same majors) About food on campus, are meal plans necessary? And what about finances? How are students paying for their dorms/food etc? Are there any grants or scholarships or bursaries that are available to international students? I've also been considering buying a laptop, but should I buy one in Canada or get one in Ireland? And of course, what is there to do for fun in Limerick! And anything else that you guys think I should know/be aware of before I come. Hahah, thanks so much :)

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Came across the new FAB city logo on the Wikipedia entry for Limerick City. Had me laughing out loud i have to admit. In fact, for an encyclopaedia entry the entire section has some appalling bias, but it makes for an entertaining read if you're familiar with the city.

Since coming across that logo yesterday i seem to recall having heard about it a few months ago. Has it been quietly forgotten about since? What does anyone else make of it is it helpful /pointles/embarassing? It strikes me as a lazy and rather silly way to try to improve the image of the city? Dosen't change a think .

Juast thiking tho. It seems a littel sad that soemone writing positively (well excessively positively) about Limerick should strike me as funny. I've lived here for about 9 years ona and off and it's really not that bad a spot, alright it's exactly FAB either. But maybe becasue of all the jibes I have to listen too whenever I tell anyone about where I live I've  become defensive, or maybe beacuse of our bad rep positive comment about Limerick just seems ridiculous anyway.

FAB city is still funny

FAB it
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Study abroad at U of Limerick

Hi everyone. I am a U.S. college student looking into studying abroad. My school (in Chicago, IL) is partner schools with the University of Limerick, and so I found this community and thought I'd ask if anyone had any information or advice about studying there. I've never been to Ireland, or Europe at all, so I know very little about it. Ireland seems like a place I'd like to visit, so I'm interested in anything anyone has to say about it.

I'm studying environmental studies/environmental science and minoring in psychology, so any information about classes in these subjects in particular would be helpful.

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any one need a car?

My family moved back down under in January and they need to sell their second car.
All I know about it off the top of my head is that its a 99'(?)Citroen Xantia (Silver).My Dad looked after it really well, it has a new gear box and the clutch has been serviced. Tax etc is up to date as far as I know.
Its a brilliant car for doing long distances in so would be good for someone who did a lot of travelling.
Theyre looking for about €1,800 for it but this is negotiable.
If anyone knows any body who's interested or if you want to know more comment or email me (address is in my profile)


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